SOCOTEC specialises in building engineering and takes part in every stage of a project, from design to finish.

As specialists in building engineering, we have committed to protecting the environment. Working towards our central aims of sustainability, the circular economy and carbon neutrality, we offer an integrated construction project management service that includes reports and appraisals, feasibility studies, due diligence, project drafting, worksite assistance and management, construction work management, and health and safety coordination. We also include specialised services such as fire engineering, performance-based studies, CFD and seismic studies, thermal simulations, consumption assessments and studies, and materials optimisation.

Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team combines continuous training with traditional education. Flexible and constantly growing, that team makes us a unique force that can cover all aspects of a construction project – from executive architecture to integrated engineering for structures and facilities.

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Josep Miñarro

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities

Construction experts

We take part in every stage – preliminary designs, basic project plans and final designs – of building engineering design, from the initial idea through to finalisation, in both new construction and restoration projects.

We work with leading local and international architects to bring the initial idea to life while guaranteeing the highest possible quality, providing the most appropriate, sustainable, efficient and innovative solutions while constantly seeking to optimise costs and construction times.

We are experts in unique projects, high-rise buildings, special structures, long-span structures, restoration and reinforcement of existing structures, study and repair of pathologies, structural design in high seismic zones and work on listed buildings.

Our working methodology is based on BIM, a tool that we use to create and use information in a coordinated, consistent and up-to-date manner. The technology enables us to share information with everyone involved at each stage of a building engineering project.


We take part in building projects for various sectors:

  • Residential:

We work on sustainable residential designs, based on energy savings and the circular economy, in cooperation with leading architects. We cover different types of projects based on meeting specific needs: single family homes, multi-family housing, residential towers, mixed-use high-rises that incorporate housing, student residences, assisted living facilities, residential complexes and more.

  • Corporate:

We have extensive experience in the corporate and office building sector, working nationally and internationally with leading architects on highly unique designs in both new construction and restoration projects. Our work includes corporate headquarters, office buildings, co-working spaces, office complexes, mixed‑use buildings with offices and hotels, research centres and office towers.

  • Medical:

We have built up considerable experience in the medical sector, working on hospitals, primary care centres, assisted residences and more. We carry out diagnoses and restoration of existing hospital facilities, as well as the construction of new buildings.

  • Hotels:

Our accomplishments include buildings in the hotel sector – new constructions and restoration projects alike – both nationally and internationally, with unique designs and structures that become iconic in their cities. Our projects include multi-storey hotels, resorts, aparthotels, mixed-usage recreational complexes and hotel conversion restorations.

  • Retail:

We have acquired significant experience working on iconic heritage buildings in the retail sector, both building new structures and carrying out remodelling and refurbishment on unique designs and high-rise structures. These projects span various types: shopping and recreational centres, retail premises for established brands, retail conversion restoration projects, railway stations with mixed-use facilities including shops, complexes with a retail area, public activity centres, franchises and markets.

  • Arts and culture:

Our experience working on artistic and cultural buildings – both new builds and restoration projects – is extensive. We have worked on unique and iconic structures of various types: cultural centres, special buildings for cultural events and festivals, art centres, educational and cultural foundations, philharmonics, convention centres, museums, cinemas and theatres, as well as refurbishments of religious buildings, exhibition centres, auditoriums, stadiums and sports centres, and conference centres.

  • Educational:

Our experience extends to education; we have carried out numerous construction and restoration projects on landmark buildings. Whether high-rises or extensions, the purpose of these structures varies; our projects include research and development centres, universities, art schools, student residences, cultural and educational foundations, faculties, medical schools, primary schools and libraries.

  • Industrial:

We have carried out various operations at industrial buildings such as warehouses, logistics centres, industrial facilities, wine cellars, energy generation plants, incineration plants and recycling centres.

  • Restoration:

Our experience in restoration is considerable. We have worked nationally and internationally on historic and listed heritage buildings – architectural icons that often required highly complex structural interventions. The type of building in question varies widely, ranging from the restoration of existing buildings for conversion, operations to preserve a structure’s envelope, and basement or upper floor extensions.

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Josep Miñarro

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities