We operate at every phase of energy production and transport in the oil and gas sector, ensuring the safety and durability of our clients’ assets.

SOCOTEC has worked to ensure the safety and durability of assets at all kinds of industrial facility for over 20 years, and is therefore involved in every phase of oil and gas sector projects.

SOCOTEC works on every component found in petrochemical plants, particularly energy storage tanks and power lines, where tasking certified technicians with periodic inspections in line with regulations is crucial. Our teams harness the best technology to carry out non-destructive testing, making use of non-invasive techniques to ensure the safety of both technicians and the structure where they work.

Energy production and transport

SOCOTEC operates at every phase of energy production and transport, maintaining and controlling offshore platforms and structures at extraction sites. Our maritime department assesses and analyses the structure of boats used for energy transport.

Once that energy has arrived at the refinery or storage facility, we test and inspect the tanks and internal power lines.

We also carry out advanced testing to control and inspect the main pipelines used to transport energy. We work with certified technicians who operate under the leading international standards and use the most cutting-edge equipment.

Our activities

At the project phase, we carry out geotechnical and ground investigation work, such as geometric planning to define the land and the space.

We carry out technical quality control checks when structures are at the construction phase. We also carry out non-destructive testing and inspections that guarantee quality-related vigilance throughout the project.

We are involved in maintenance during an asset's operation, maximising its useful life and guaranteeing durability.


Specialists in the oil and gas sector

SOCOTEC holds extensive experience in the oil and gas sector. We are therefore able to apply the most suitable methods and techniques, accounting for the requirements of each individual project. What’s more, our extended team of experts guarantees the best solutions and the success of each operation. Feel free to get in touch for more information about our services. 

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