We provide energy management and consultancy services, such as renewable energy incorporation and energy efficiency improvement plans.

We work with our clients to boost efficiency in their industries and ensure they use more sustainable resources

In recent years, energy efficiency has become one of the main tools to reduce CO2 emissions and, as a result, protect our planet.

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Energy management

SOCOTEC provides different energy solutions that not only reduce the amount of time workers need to spend on energy management, but also bring down energy bills, optimise processes and improve energy efficiency :

  • Integrated energy efficiency services,
  • Energy management and optimisation through digitisation (e.g. IoT platforms),
  • Energy contract monitoring (electricity, gas, etc.),
  • Energy diagnostics and audits,
  • Energy saving action plans,
  • Energy improvement plan projects, tracking and monitoring,
  • Implementation of ISO 50001 energy management systems,
  • Energy certification for buildings,
  • Management of energy efficiency and building restoration subsidies,
  • Technical due diligence,
  • Photovoltaic panel installation studies,
  • Hydrogen generation studies and projects,
  • Design, installation and conversion of compressed air, lighting, air conditioning, and low and medium voltage power systems.

Our objective

We help our clients control the energy situation at their companies, with the aim of providing solutions that improve production processes and identify any malfunctions. Introducing these energy efficiency measures and incorporating renewable energy sources immediately enhances companies’ economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Green hydrogen, the fast-pass to a future without CO2 emissions

The process of transforming energy into hydrogen by electrolysis is usually carried out in the same place where the hydrogen supply plant is located.

The high volatility and reactivity of hydrogen leads to extremely stringent safety and regulatory compliance requirements.

At SOCOTEC we have extensive experience and specialized knowledge in this area, which allows us to face these challenges effectively and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the hydrogen plant.

Comprehensive Hydrogeneration Services

In SOCOTEC we are pioneers in offering "permitting" or "permitting" services. Through this process, our Energy and Environment department obtains the necessary permits and authorizations from the competent authorities for the construction, operation and operation of an industrial hydrogen installation.

Some of the aspects to consider during this process include:

  • Environmental impact assessment: It is necessary to carry out studies that evaluate the possible effects that the construction and operation  of the hydrogen production plant may have on the environment, in terms of emissions, noise, water, soil, among others.
  • Zoning and Land Use: Verify that the proposed hydrogenerator location is suitable for this type of activity and complies with local zoning and land use regulations.
  • Safety: Strict safety standards must be met for the handling, storage and distribution of hydrogen, to avoid potential risks associated with its high flammability and reactivity.
  • Regulatory compliance: Ensure compliance with all applicable rules and regulations related to the hydrogen and energy industry.

Comprehensive advice to plan and develop your hydrogen generation or consumption project

Design the supply plant, considering energy efficiency, safety and sustainability.  Our customized solutions will allow you to make the most of hydrogen's potential as a renewable energy source.

During the construction and commissioning phase of the hydrogen plant our specialists will provide technical supervision to ensure proper procedures are followed and quality standards are met.

Our specialist hydrogen laboratory will carry out rigorous testing on the equipment and systems involved in the production and storage of hydrogen.

Our specialist hydrogen laboratory will carry out rigorous testing on the equipment and systems involved in the production and storage of hydrogen.

We take care of submitting applications in the processes of calls and aid for the transition to hydrogen.

Tren Hidrógeno

Committed to the SDGs proposed for 2030, Hydrogen will play a fundamental role in the decarbonization of very important sectors such as industry and transport.

In Aragon, we are patrons of the Foundation for the development of new hydrogen technologies together with a network of more than 80 organizations involved in the H2 value chain, from its production phase to its application or consumption.

We have developed during the last years some projects related to the Hydrogen value chain and solutions using green hydrogen technologies.

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