At SOCOTEC, we possess materials testing laboratories for construction‑related quality control and testing.

SOCOTEC possesses extensive experience in quality control and testing in relation to the construction, civil engineering, energy and industrial sectors. We operate as a laboratory under the CAT-L-104 and CAT-L-114 statements of compliance presented in Spain’s technical building code (CTE) under Section 5.1, the general register of testing laboratories for building quality control.

Quality control plans

We prepare control plans in the early phases of a project and/or advise our clients on how to do so themselves. We also carry out inspections, applying field testing and quality auditing for the construction of all kinds of structures. We harness new technology to obtain results from our structural studies in a non-invasive manner and ensure the utmost quality of all our processes while meeting our clients’ requirements. 

The range of services that we offer encompasses every project stage, from design through to construction and execution, as well as maintenance throughout its useful life thereafter. We are also involved in any changes in use or other modifications required at the structural investigation stage of all restoration projects. Our technical competency covers major projects as well as detailed designs and smaller, one-off actions. We have over 40 years of active experience in quality control, playing a key role in project execution.

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Our controls

Laboratory analysis and quality control services

  • Production of quality control plans at the early stages or at times of change during execution,
  • Marketing and advisory at every stage of projects in relation to quality control,
  • Construction materials testing laboratories,
  • Soil mechanics, granular materials and recycled materials laboratories,
  • Asphalt and/or derivative agglomerate testing laboratories,
  • Self inspection tests for concrete, agglomerate and precast production plants,
  • Audits for concrete, agglomerate and precast production plants,
  • Pathology of road infrastructure (urbanisation, roadways, roadway structures, etc.),
  • Testing laboratories for geotechnics, construction pathology, inspections, etc.

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