As experts in geotechnical monitoring, SOCOTEC assesses ground movement in civil engineering and construction projects.

Measuring and monitoring the ground and structures is essential to ensuring that they are safe and durable. Carrying out monitoring and prior instrumentation checks properly is therefore crucial; without them, you cannot obtain the information that you need to control movements of the ground or the entire structure.

Experts in geotechnical monitoring

SOCOTEC delivers projects to control ground and structural movement. The geotechnical department carries out geotechnical monitoring; our expert team leverages specialised tools to get monitoring projects underway. When carrying out structural monitoring, our specialists continuously adapt and track failure mechanisms, as well as designed structural behaviour, in order to predict and anticipate any movement.

They take measures to ensure monitoring may be carried out in a manual or automated manner. The team therefore obtains results through both forms of monitoring, but to different time scales; as a result, the time allotted to respond and take action varies. Automated measurement enables 24/7 control of the entire project, improving corrective measures and guaranteeing the safety of the project itself and the people working on it at all times.

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SOCOTEC teams read and interpret the results, giving clients access to our platforms so they can visualise and understand them, as well as an alarm system based on monitoring and contingency plans. Our technical department advises our clients, explains the results and, most importantly, helps them choose the best monitoring methods in order to obtain the best quality data, rather than simply the largest possible quantity. Our satellite monitoring systems facilitate large scale monitoring that covers all areas and aspects of a project.  

The technical monitoring team

Our monitoring technicians form an additional team in the projects they work on and are heavily involved at all times. They help come up with the best monitoring and contingency solutions in line with the specific requirements of each project. They are responsible for instrumentation, choosing the best solution for each situation. The technicians also read and monitor the results simultaneously, making sure they can be visualised quickly, flexibly, and with total transparency and traceability. What’s more, they help the project management team interpret these results, which steps up decision-making processes. We take comprehensive action throughout the process and are ready to assist our clients at any time.

Our monitoring services

  • Monitoring and contingency plans,
  • Automated geotechnical and structural monitoring systems,
  • Geotechnical instrumentation,
  • Structural health monitoring.

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