At SOCOTEC, we offer services that promote sustainability and the circular economy in engineering and architecture projects.

At SOCOTEC, we believe that construction should shift towards sustainability and the circular economy in order to nurture the future of the industry. Our team incorporates regenerative strategies and material reuse practices that enable our clients to be sustainable not only from an environmental point of view, but also in social and economic terms.

Our team is made up of top level professionals who are pioneers in transforming the construction, engineering and building sector and are helping our clients incorporate sustainability and the circular economy into all of their processes.

At SOCOTEC, we have committed to change and believe that knowledge sharing is vital to bring it about. That is why we are working with universities and other educational institutions to train the professionals of the future.

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    Our services for more sustainable development

    • H1- Sustainability and the circular economy,
    • Life cycle assessment (LCA),
    • Life cycle cost (LCC),
    • Environmental studies and certifications,
    • Energy simulations,
    • Circular economy,
    • Carbon footprint and decarbonisation,
    • Water footprint.

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