SOCOTEC provides engineering services for all kinds of projects and at every stage, from the beginning right through to maintenance.

Driving SOCOTEC towards the aim of zero CO2 emissions, we focus on sustainability and the circular economy in every stage of the design of an engineering project, from the initial idea through to its finalisation. We apply this approach at every phase in both new construction and restoration projects – preliminary designs, basic project plans and final designs – and provide various engineering services to carry out all kinds of projects related to this field.

Our multidisciplinary team covers all project disciplines in civil engineering, executive architecture, structures and facilities.

Working with BIM methodology

Our work methodology is based on the adoption of the BIM environment, a tool that allows the creation and use of information in a coordinated, coherent and updated way, which can be shared with all the agents involved, at all stages of a construction project and construction management. 

With a team specializing in multiple BIM environment software, SOCOTEC collaborates with project teams to keep models updated in real time, examine and treat design iterations, merge models of the different disciplines that make up a project both civil works and building (structure, architecture, facilities, layout, drainage, among others) verifying the compatibility of the solutions adopted.

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    Engineering services

    We have extensive experience in budget creation and cost control for civil engineering projects of all kinds in construction for the residential, corporate, hospital, hotel, retail, arts and culture, educational, industrial and logistics sectors. Viability analysis :

    • Basic projects,
    • Structural projects,
    • Project monitoring,
    • Support with tender submissions,
    • Master plans,
    • BIM,
    • Cost consultancy,
    • Construction management,
    • Licence and permit processing.

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