SOCOTEC's professional team has carried out the structural design and site management of the construction project of the Agbar Tower in Barcelona.

General information

Date: 2002 - 2004 

Client: Jean Nouvel b720 Arquitectos 

Location: Barcelona- Spain

Photo copyright: BAC Engineering 

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Project summary

Torre Glòries is an iconic skyscraper designed by Jean Nouvel that stands 142 m high, topped by a steel and glass dome.  The vertical structure is made up of an outer and an inner cylinder, with no vertical components between to join them. The six upper floors are cantilevered from the central core as part of a post-tensioned structure that is are entirely disconnected from the outer cylinder.

Torre Glòries

Project details

The total built surface spans around 18,000 m2 below ground and 30,000 m2 above. The underground space is formed of four basement floors. The above-ground space reaches a total height of 142 m, whose oval-shaped floors are topped by a large steel and glass dome.

The first 110 metres of the above-ground section of the tower’s vertical structure are formed of two non‑concentric reinforced concrete cylinders.

Both the inner and outer cylinders were built using the climbing formwork technique. They support the various metal beams without the need for any intermediary vertical elements. From 110 m high onwards, the six upper floors are cantilevered from the central core on post‑tensioned concrete slabs, entirely disconnected from the outer cylinder.

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