At SOCOTEC we help our clients by means of a technical audit that shows us the state of an asset, its value and the actions to be taken.

At SOCOTEC, we help our clients make the best decisions possible regarding a project or asset by carrying out a technical audit that provides a detailed analysis of the asset’s condition. This technical audit therefore helps us determine the value of our clients’ assets, as well as any actions that need to be taken.

Our team then studies the results of the audit and analyses any subsequent risks, enabling us to assess the suitability of investment from a technical point of view.

Technical due diligence

In audits for the construction and real estate sectors, we also carry out technical due diligence which, when carried out prior to any potential real estate transaction, gives us an idea of the working order and state of conservation of an asset and enables us to assess any repairs that may be required.

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Technical audit services

  • Structural audits,
  • Architectural audits,
  • Facility audits,
  • Energy efficiency audits,  
  • Infrastructure project audits,
  • Sustainability audits,
  • Management system audits.


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