SOCOTEC provides comprehensive support in designing of a green hydrogen plant, ensuring compliance with stringent industrial safety regulations in chemical processes, and facilitating the acquisition of the requisite permits and authorizations for seamless implementation of the project.  

General information:

Name of the project: Hydrogen plant for Exolum (Legalization of a hydrogen station at Exolum)

Date (years): 2022-23


Location: San Fernando de Henares. Madrid, Spain

Photography rights: Copyright Socotec Spain

Project summary:

SOCOTEC SPAIN boasts extensive expertise in industrial safety facilities, enabling this hydrogen plant to fully comply with all the specific requirements and regulations necessary to obtain permits and authorizations for its smooth implementation.

This project is also in alignment with SOCOTEC's strategic directions, particularly in the area of sustainability and decarbonization, as it aims to reduce CO2 emissions, specifically in the transportation sector.

Project details:

The hydrogen legalization project undertaken by SOCOTEC is for Exolum a company dedicated to the distribution of hydrocarbons contributing to the decarbonization of the planet, specifically in the realm of road transport.

To this goal, Exolum has initiated a bidding process for the construction of a hydrogen generator capable of supplying green hydrogen ton buses operated by the Alsa company, as part as their commitment to utilizing sustainable fuel sources.

The H2 generation process employs electrolysis, a chemical reaction, and adheres to relevant regulations in the chemical industry. The produced hydrogen is stored at high pressures exceeding 450 bar, which necessitates careful consideration of explosion risks.

The hydrogen plant, ingeniously designed by Fusion Fuel, comprises 21 structures equipped with concentrated solar modules, known as HEVO-SOLAR, which have a combined capacity to produce 40 tons/year of green hydrogen. The regulatory design of the facility strictly adheres to the mandatory European standard ISO 19880-1:2020, which is underpinned by a comprehensive risk assessment to define an effective hazard mitigation plan.

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