SOCOTEC offers professional real estate services, collaborating with our clients throughout the life cycle of their assets.

We help our clients analyse, develop and manage their assets, ensuring sustainability and integrating a circular economy approach.  

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Josep Miñarro

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities

At SOCOTEC, our experienced multidisciplinary teams lead the way in a number of sectors, including Spanish real estate. We guide clients of all types – promotors, investors, asset and facility managers, and more.

We take a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach when providing our services, as the various solutions used to build a structure are interlinked. This approach helps ensure that our clients’ assets function in an optimal manner.

We aim to play an active role in the entire life cycle of your real estate assets, not only at the early stages (technical diligence, feasibility studies, topography, geotechnical studies and consultancy) and, naturally, at drafting and construction, but also right through to operation (i.e. in operational support). We also provide support in the bidding process.

Our efforts to help create a sustainable and circular economy – the fundamental pillar of environmental conservation and development – are central at every stage.

Scope of action in real estate

Our teams possess vast experience in a variety of sectors, nationally and internationally:

  • Offices

We take part in new construction projects, implementing cutting-edge technology and systems as well as fit-out operations.

  • Hotels 

We evaluate assets very early on in order to make sure refurbishment and fit-out operations are carried out effectively from an operational, functional and user-focused point of view.

  • Residential projects

We are involved in new projects from the very early stages of urban development. We are a constant presence on our clients’ worksites, playing a supervisory role to ensure that promotors meet their goals without overlooking the project phase and establishing the conditions needed for an optimal building.

  • Retail and shopping centres

We assess feasibility from different perspectives, helping to find solutions that will optimise spaces and maximise operational performance.

  • Healthcare facilities

We study an asset’s degree of functionality, identifying areas where improvements can be made either by refurbishing existing structures or building new ones. What’s more, we apply the rigour and precise technical knowledge that each type of healthcare facility requires.

  • Educational facilities

We not only study optimal solutions to build new educational centres, but also help maintain existing ones, with the aim of extending their useful life while continuously ensuring they remain as user-friendly as possible.

  • Sports facilities

We aim to ensure facilities meet the highest standards for different sport categories, without forgetting two fundamental aspects: sustainable operations and the best possible user experience.

  • Logistics centres

We review the best arrangement in operational terms from the early stages of urban development, making changes where needed as the project progresses and applying criteria that ensure it functions in a sustainable manner.

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Josep Miñarro

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities

Director of Architecture and MEP Facilities