Quality control of the Conditioning of the Brugent - Ter Corridor

Technical assistance of quality control in the works of the constructive project of general improvement and Conditioning of the Corridor Brugent - Ter.

Key information:

Date (year): April 2021-Ongoing


Location: Girona - Spain

Photography property: ©SOCOTEC Spain

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Project Summary

Provision of technical assistance services for quality control during the execution of the refurbishment works of the Brugent – Ter Corridor as it passes through the municipality of Anglès. During the execution of the works we have carried out soil tests on the existing materials and contribution for the construction of the new connection roads of the Anglès variant. In situ compaction tests using the nuclear density meter and charge plate method.

During the execution of the more than 400 ml of tunnel, we have carried out tests on fresh shotcrete:

  1. Fresh concrete specimens.
  2. Projected on troughs and subsequent extraction of cores for compressive strength tests.
  3. Fiber content.
  4. Checking the thicknesses of the project.

In the final phase of work, tests will be carried out on hot bituminous mixtures:

  1. Preparation of specimens in the laboratory.
  2. Bulk density and maximum density.
  3. Gap content.
  4. Sensitivity to water.
  5. Extraction of cores "in situ" to check the thicknesses of the different layers.

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