We conduct quality control of the general improvement works on the C-37 road on the Vilafranca del Penedès—Vilanova del Camí—Manresa section.

General information:

Date: 2021 – ongoing


Location: Barcelona

Country: Spain

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Jorge Toledano

Sales Development - Testing Laboratories

Sales Development - Testing Laboratories

Xavier Gallart

Area Manager Testing, Geotechnics & Inspections

Area Manager Testing, Geotechnics & Inspections

Project summary: 

Quality control of general improvement work. C-15 road upgrade between kilometre marker 13+000 and 44+380 and road safety improvements on the C-37 between kilometre marker 68+850 and 93+355. Section: Vilafranca del Penedès—Vilanova del Camí—Manresa. Code: TU-AB-16002.TU-AB-16002.


Project details

During the project to upgrade the C-15 and C-37 roads from Vilanova del Camí to Manresa, we are providing our road construction quality control services to increase the road’s capacity at various points.

We have carried out tests on soils, concrete and hot bituminous mixes. The main services provided are as follows:

  • Complete identification tests of both soils and aggregate
  • On-site soil compaction tests using the nuclear densometer method and load plates
  • Preparation of fresh concrete samples
  • Cross-hole tests to determine the structural integrity of the concrete in the piles installed
  • Tests on bituminous mixtures (preparation of specimens, apparent and maximum density, sensitivity to water and void content)
  • Trials


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