Technical supervision of the construction of more than 15 educational infrastructures.

General information:

Name of Project: Construction of Educational Centres: safe infrastructures through the Interventoría de Obra.

Client: Educational Infrastructure Financing Fund. FFIE

Date: 2020

Location: Cauca and Popayán - Colombia


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Lina Rodríguez Cardona - Colombia

Infrastructure Manager Tit. Civil Engineer Mg. in Road and Transportation Infrastructure

Infrastructure Manager Tit. Civil Engineer Mg. in Road and Transportation Infrastructure

Project summary:

National Education Infrastructure Plan project in Cauca and Popayán, focused on the development of 15 educational centres, aims to expand its scope to benefit more than 1320 children in basic and secondary education in the region. SOCOTEC, in collaboration with the BAC UG21 Consortium, is supporting the construction of the project as an intervener.


Project details:

The project was developed in several phases, and SOCOTEC was in charge of carrying out the intervention works. These actions included the architectural and engineering design, as well as the improvement and reinforcement of the structure of the existing school building. In addition, it focused on the completion and adaptation of the toilets and classrooms, complying with the 45.95 school construction standard.


Control and Supervision: Construction Supervision Guarantee

The works supervision ensures compliance with the contracts, specifications and regulations applicable during the execution of the work required by the Educational Infrastructure Financing Fund (Fondo de Financiamiento de la Infraestructura Educativa - FFIE). Its functions include:

  1. Verifying that the execution of the work is carried out according to the established plans and technical specifications.
  2. Controlling compliance with the deadlines and scheduling of the work.
  3. Supervising that the materials and quality of the workmanship are adequate.
  4. Ensuring compliance with safety and occupational risk prevention regulations.
  5. Make periodic reports on the progress and state of the work.
  6. To resolve any discrepancies or disputes that may arise during the execution of the work.

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