Technical building inspections for urban regeneration

Tue 20/12/2022 - 04:32

SOCOTEC is part of the Urban Regeneration Plan for the el Besòs i el Maresme neighbourhood of Barcelona.

The regeneration plan is part of the Integrated and Sustainably Urban Development Strategies for the Besòs district.

“Trail-blazing project for the whole State because of its scale, significance and management”.

David Escudé, Councillor of the Sant Martí district,

The work involved in this project will comprise both structural investigations and studies into the energy efficiency of a total of 203 co-owned buildings covering 5,188 residential units, with a view to :

  • Promoting social inclusion and fighting poverty,
  • Improving access and accessibility for residents.

The technical team of BAC is in charge of inspecting the residential units covered by the urban regeneration plan, and is responsible for on-site data collection in the residential units and shared areas, performing technical building inspections, and drafting reports on energy efficiency. In this regard, samples have already been collected to test for aluminium.

“These buildings were built in the ‘60s, and we think they were built using joists made with alumina cement”.

Lluis Aranda, Director of Structural Studies with BAC,

Once all the data has been collected, the plans prepared by the Barcelona Municipal Institute of Urbanism (IMU) will be put into action to allow it to make the relevant decisions and start the improvements.

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