Worksite management for the platform extension at Provença station

We were involved in project management and worksite management for the platform extension at Provença station.

General information

Project name: Worksite management for the platform extension at Provença station.

Date: 2016 – 2019

Client: Infraestructures.cat

Location: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Image copyright: ©SOCOTEC Spain

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Oscar Bustos

Director Obras de Barcelona - Infraestructuras del Transporte

Director Obras de Barcelona - Infraestructuras del Transporte

Project summary:

Supervision of the work for the construction project to extend the platform for trains heading to Sarrià at the FGC station Provença.

Tránsito Desvio Rossello

Project details

The services carried out for the supervision of the works included inspecting and monitoring the project in terms of finances, timeframes and quality, as well as drafting reports; concretely, this involved the following aspects:

  • Ensuring the work was carried out correctly in accordance with the plan and the applicable standards in force.
  • Carrying out the monitoring for the work, analysing compliance with timeframes and ensuring financial compliance of the activities in accordance with the plan.
  • Ensuring quality of the work by way of validation and follow-up of the test schedule.
  • Analysing and checking possible technical changes to the work due to optimisation, without impacting the intended quality and function.
  • Drafting monthly follow-up reports for the worksite management.
  • Creating monthly certifications for the works.
  • Drafting the final plan for the project to present the actual work completed and compile all justifications for changes to the project as well as graphical documentation and quality documentation.

The project involved the following interventions:

The work required monitoring of any movements and inspections of the tunnels of metro line 5 and the FGC station Provença, including the platform gallery itself and the shafts, buildings and wastewater lines in the surrounding urban environment.

The roof and the existing slurry wall between the hall and the shaft were demolished and an additional shaft was constructed for the hall-platform lift, with the platform-hall stairs being extended to provide an emergency exit to the street, alongside a new roof and a new layout for FGC premises.

The existing shaft micropile was demolished, a tunnel was bored under buildings and adjacent to the station, and openings were made in the gable to provide a connection with the existing platform.

An enclosure between the new micropile and the existing FGC micropile was excavated, as was an interchange with the Barcelona metro system, and elbows and a new slab and walls were installed to separate the BCASA wastewater line from the evacuation route.

The main effects to services as a result of the work were as follows:

  • Temporary effects on lighting, traffic lights and tree watering
  • Deviation of the sewage system, lighting, gas pipes and a minor displacement of low voltage lines.

All the structures and facilities were designed to ensure that the system worked properly (e.g., public address system, video surveillance, lighting, fire protection system, etc.).

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