We provided the installation services for the geotechnical, structural and topographical instrumentation for the Sant Ponç dam.

General information

Project name: Work on access to Gallery IV of Sant Ponç Dam. CTN200993

Date: March 2019 – August 2019

Client: Lérida

Country: Spain

Photo copyright: ©SOCOTEC Spain

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Project details

The purpose of the contract was to provide professional services for the installation of geotechnical, structural and topographical instrumentation to guarantee the safety of the works and to increase dam monitoring and safety.


The work involved:

- Documentation – supply and install a centralisation system to automate the readings of the vibrating wire piezometers installed

- Supply and install topographic prisms for deformation control of the body of the dam

- Supply and install clinometric bases for the control of the dam body rotation

- Supply and install vibrating wire piezometers to check subpressure

- Supply and install flow meters for filtration control

- Supply, install and commission a vibration control system with triaxial accelerometers.

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