We are involved in the engineering part of the construction project for the Nobelia Office Tower, a key example of sustainable and circular construction.

General information

Project name: Engineering project for the Nobelia Office Tower

Date: 2013 – ongoing

Client: Carlos Arroyo

Location: Kigali

Country: Rwanda

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Project summary

The Nobelia Office Tower is the first building plan in sub-Saharan Africa with a 6-star rating from the GBC.

Project details

High-Performance Low-Energy Office Tower in the Kigali Business District. The complex includes two tall buildings linked by a three-storey atrium.

The project had several criteria:

  • Minimising imports. Because the building is located in Kigali, Rwanda, the use of imported construction materials increases costs.
  • Using local raw materials. There are nearby volcanic zones where volcanic ash can be found. This ash has pozzolanic properties, meaning it can be used as a substitute for cement.
  • Using the inertia of concrete slabs to maintain optimum comfort and forego cooling systems. The use of a concrete slab system creates thermal inertia for a good portion of the day, reducing the energy consumption of the complex.
  • Creating a flexible space. Open-plan floors were required to achieve a flexible space. Accordingly, vertical structures are used on the façade and along the main central area.

Furthermore, sustainability criteria were taken into account to ensure Green Star certification.

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