Project drafting for a road to connect the terminals at Barcelona Airport

At SOCOTEC we have carried out the project for the road axis connecting the terminals of Barcelona Airport.

General information

Date: 2008 

Client: AENA 

Location: Barcelona - Spain

Photo copyright: Gettyimages y ©SOCOTEC Spain

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Juan Carlos Lodos

Area Manager Civil Works

Area Manager Civil Works


Project summary

Construction project design – specifications, annexes, tender documents and budget – for a full definition of the actions to be carried out.

The following studies and appendices were drafted.

Project details

This project covered the construction of a road connecting vehicle access from outside the airport to its current terminals, providing access to terminal buildings and parking. The aim was to establish specific routes for passenger vehicles going to the terminal buildings, providing spaces where they can get into and out of parked cars then complete their journey to the terminals on foot. The route created provides the connections that were needed to get to the main airport access road as well as to the taxi rank. The solution chosen took into account that the railway located near the airport would continue operating throughout, until its eventual replacement with the new design by Spain’s general railways directorate, Dirección General de Ferrocarriles, currently in the project phase. The project also included two bridges crossing the upper level of the main road in both directions. It also included the urbanisation of a section of that pathway which had become disused when the current airport access road came into service.

The project involved carrying out a complete approved project draft.

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