General Information

Date (year): 2018

Client: Manuel Monteserin

Location: Taiwan

Photo property: Gettyimages

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Project summary:

This iconic work, dedicated to pop music in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, includes, among other buildings, two towers with a cantilevered pergola, a large performance hall, several auditoriums as well as a museum and other public and commercial facilities.

Ciudad de Kaohsiung

Project details

The studies were quite complex, given the geometrical complexity of the complex and the strong seismic loads present in Kaohsiung. 

The two towers and the large auditorium are designed according to a hexagonal structural grid. As far as the towers are concerned, the inclined pillars of the façade follow an irregular hexagonal grid, which complicates all assemblies. Since the bracing system is not conventional, and in order to ensure good seismic performance, a pushover analysis was required.

The large auditorium has spans of 85 m made of hexagonal trusses. To ensure good performance under horizontal loads, a bracing system has been designed at the level of the upper chords. Thanks to this device, the roof tends to behave partially like a large compression dome. 

The rest of the buildings, of smaller dimensions, also follow complex geometries. These include auditoriums with large spans in reinforced concrete as well as multipurpose buildings in the shape of dolphins and large cantilevered structures.


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