We took part in the structural design and worksite management of the new Bodegas Protos in Peñafiel.

General information

Date: 2004 - 2009 

Client: Richard Rogers & Alonso Balaguer 

Location: Valladolid - Spain

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Project summary

We helped to bring about a building with arches spanning 18 m and rising 8 m high that won the award for best Production, Energy and Recycling at the 2009 World Architecture Festival.

Bodegas Protos

Project details

Bodegas Protos, a winery in Peñafiel in Valladolid, Spain, is a long-span structure formed of domes held up by wooden arches. It is built upon a semi-excavated reinforced concrete plinth that is triangular in shape and stands two storeys high, with an open courtyard on one side.

From a structural point of view, the building is formed of two distinct sections. The first, the long‑span structure, instantly identifies the project from the exterior. It is a 9x18 m2 modulated structure that covers a large section of the building’s ground floor. It is made of connected laminated wood sections, the main components of which form arches spanning 18 m and rising 8 m high. Positioned side by side, they create domed arches of varying lengths. The building’s second structural section is concealed below these arches – concrete pillars that form the lower structure and enclose the semi-buried space that outlines the perimeter retaining walls, which act as the building’s plinth.

With basic modulation of 9x9 m2, the winery is essentially a prefabricated concrete structure with spatial behaviour across two heights: 4.5 m and 8 m.

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