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Work begins on the refurbishment of the Infanta Sofía University Hospital in Madrid, under the technical direction of SOCOTEC.

Tue 25/07/2023 - 01:32

The Community of Madrid is promoting a project to expand the healthcare complex, specifically the Infanta Sofía University Hospital in San Sebastián de los Reyes.


Under the direction of SOCOTEC, renovation work is being carried out to open up and expand Tower 4 of the hospital, adding 4,200 new square meters to the existing facilities. 

The renovation, scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2024, will include the construction of four additional floors in Tower 4. These floors will house the Oncology-Hematology Day Hospital, which will provide specialized treatment for patients requiring outpatient care in these areas. In addition, nearly 60 new rooms will be built on the fifth and sixth floors, which will increase the hospital's capacity to care for more patients.  

To carry out this interior remodeling, SOCOTEC will be responsible for the project management and coordination of the health and safety plan for the works. In total, the built-up area to be covered by this refurbishment will be 5,760 m². 


Engineering to build healthier and more comfortable hospitals. 

One of the most outstanding features of this renovation is the inclusion of a seventh rooftop floor dedicated to an outdoor recreation and rehabilitation area for patients and their companions. This space will be specially designed to provide a calm and relaxing environment that will contribute to the well-being and recovery of patients.  

In addition to the improvements in the health infrastructure, SOCOTEC's mission is to materialize and manage the execution of the works to achieve the design that emphasizes salutogenic aspects, putting the patient and his care at the center through the spaces. 

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