Together, we can improve noise and air quality in Barcelona

Tue 20/12/2022 - 16:51

Together, we can take part in pilot projects on the use of electric machinery to reduce air and noise pollution and improve our quality of life.

The goal is to achieve more sustainable streets with less noise and pollution through a new pilot project on the use of electric machinery. At SOCOTEC, we are coordinating data collection on the performance of the machinery with a view to drafting a report on the technical viability of these electric machines compared to the diesel ones currently used in city works.

The test will be carried out on underground pipe replacement projects, and SOCOTEC will then be responsible for producing a series of specifications, i.e., where and how to connect to the network depending on the type of work to be carried out in the city in future.

Electric vs. Diesel 

 The project, which started on 28 June, will take place on the Carrer de Balmes (July) before being extended to the Avinguda d’Esplugues (August). Each phase of the project will last for five weeks and will involve the exact same work, first done with electric machinery and then done with diesel-powered machinery, to allow the appropriate measurements to be taken and the differences between the indicators to be identified.

The report that SOCOTEC will then write will identify the air pollution emitted, improvements in noise pollution, and the energy consumption of the two different types of machinery. During the project, the electric machinery will charge using electric vehicle recharging points from Endolla Barcelona.

With this test, Barcelona City Council intends to examine the possibility of using electric machinery for city projects, thus spurring the market and making it more financially accessible while also requiring it in calls for tender, all with a view to improving noise and air quality for construction projects in the city.

This initiative will make Barcelona the first city on the Mediterranean to complete a pilot project with these characteristics.

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