SOCOTEC supervises Barcelona's first municipal construction project with electric machinery

Fri 26/01/2024 - 02:05

The renovation of the Tres Xemeneies Gardens in Poble-sec is a pioneering project that aims to reduce pollution and improve energy efficiency in urban works.


SOCOTEC has been entrusted with supervising the first municipal construction project in Barcelona with electric machinery.

SOCOTEC's technical assistance consists of technical monitoring of the work throughout its life cycle, ensuring compliance with technical and environmental requirements. This includes, for example, analyzing the municipal electrical grid to ensure that the infrastructure is capable of supporting the load of electric machinery.

With the report that SOCOTEC will prepare, the Barcelona City Council will be able to evaluate the implementation of this initiative and advance the plan to use 50% zero-emission machinery in municipal works by 2030.

What electric machinery is used in construction?

In general, the electric machinery used in construction is the same as conventional machinery, but with the difference that it runs on electricity instead of fossil fuel. This has a number of advantages, such as reducing emissions, noise, and operating costs.

When the Tres Xemeneies intervention is complete, Barcelona will evaluate the energy consumption and emissions of the electric machinery and compare them to those produced by a conventional diesel machine. Additionally, it will also analyze the sound to determine the acoustic impact on the neighbors.

Commitment to the use of electric machinery

SOCOTEC, as an engineering firm specializing in energy efficiency, brings its technical expertise to the application of new technologies and solutions that can help reduce the environmental impact of municipal works.

SOCOTEC's participation in this project demonstrates the engineering firm's commitment to decarbonization and energy efficiency in the construction sector.

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