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Socotec-Morph ranks among the top 3 in the bidding process for the Preliminary Project of EXPO MÁLAGA 2027.

Thu 18/05/2023 - 05:12

Socotec-Morph stands out in the competition for the drafting of the Preliminary Project of EXPO MÁLAGA 2027, competing with leading global engineering firms and being the only national engineering firm within the ranking of bidders.

Their technical proposal ranks second, demonstrating their expertise in engineering. Additionally, they rank first in the economic offer, presenting a highly competitive financial proposal that optimizes the entire project lifecycle.

The proposal from the UTE Socotec-Morph places third overall, taking into account the participants' experiences and professional backgrounds as reflected in their CVs. Despite not achieving the first position in this specific aspect, their outstanding performance in the technical and economic areas has allowed them to secure a prominent position in the competition.

Socotec-Morph stands out with its integrated engineering and NZEB proposal.

The preliminary project presented by Socotec-Morph focuses on the complete lifecycle of the buildings in the venue, including both the main structures and external areas such as access points, parking areas, and service areas necessary for the project's development.

The proposal from the Socotec-Morph joint venture team has been recognized for its coherence and its emphasis on integrating the building with the landscape. Additionally, its flexibility for future uses and its emphasis on energy efficiency, with a building that aims to be a "Nearly Zero Energy Building" (NZEB), have been highlighted. Their incorporation of innovative elements in the information system and their inclusive and gender-focused approach through participatory decision-making have also been valued.

The only national engineering firm within the ranking.

It is important to mention that Socotec-Morph is the only national engineering firm present in the ranking of bidders, reinforcing its position as a leader in the field of engineering and construction at the national level.

Antonio Sánchez, Director of Building and Cities at Socotec Madrid, has emphasized the importance of competing with renowned firms in the sector and highlighted the value-oriented approach that his team has brought to the proposal.

The third position obtained by Socotec-Morph in the competition for the drafting of the Preliminary Project of EXPO MÁLAGA 2027 showcases their capacity and experience in the development of highly relevant projects, as well as their commitment to excellence in construction and urban planning.

The evaluation conducted by the City Council of Málaga has concluded with an ordered list of bidders based on the scores obtained in the different evaluation phases, with ARUP securing the first place.

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