Audit of the structures in several roads of the North Access of Barcelona

Technical studies of structures installed in various road accesses in the area of Catalonia.

General information

Date: 2022  

Client: Servei Català de Trànsit 

Location: Catalunya - España 

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Project summary 

As part of its maintenance strategy, the Catalan transport company Servei Català de Trànsit (SCT) wants to carry out audits of all support structures (gantries and poles, cameras) in use across the different access roads in North Barcelona and on other roads around Catalonia.

Project details

Interventions to evaluate the condition of support structures and conduct the required checks and tests, e.g : 


Quality Control

  • Foundation paying special attention to the absence of undermining or coating

  • The condition of the binding plate with the foundation
  • Existence and condition of all bolts, washers and locking elements at the plate-foundation junction
  • Condition of the bracket and overhang joining plate(s)
  • Existence and condition of screws, washers and locking elements at the joints between main structures
  • Weld status
  • General condition of the coating, locating oxidations and / or specific or general corrosion.
  • Existence of deformations or blows

  • The condition of the junction plates
  • Existence and condition of all bolts, washers and locking elements
  • Weld status
  • General condition of the coating, locating oxidations and / or corrosives punctual or general
  • Existence of deformations or blows
  • General operation.

  • By means of topography equipment, the verticality checks of the structure, arrow of the overhangs and gauge available in each lane of circulation are carried out

  • By means of ultrasonic equipment, the thickness of the coating layer is measured in a sample of representative points of the structure, both in the main and in the secondary.

  • Study to determine the maximum voltage to be applied to the screws to be tested according to its metric and quality (class) according to the reference regulations. Special attention is paid to defects detected as welded screws without applying tension to the structure, defects of equal or greater criticality than insufficient tension. The condition of the screws is also checked verifying their suitability for the structures where they are installed. By means of calibrated torque wrench is carried out tightening torque test

  • By means of non-destructive tests such as visual inspection, magnetic particles and/or penetrating liquids, the condition of the welds is verified and the possible pathologies identified are characterized


Once the data obtained from the checks and tests carried out have been evaluated, the necessary corrective actions are proposed, being economically assessed and a plan of actions in the short, medium and long term to correct the deficiencies identified in the structures during the audit are written.

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