Supervision of the design, construction, equipment and expansion of the Moín Container Terminal.

We supervised the design, construction and equipment as part of civil engineering work on the new Moín Container Terminal.

General information

Project name: Supervision of the design, construction, equipment and expansion of the Moín Container Terminal.

Date: 2013 – 2018

Client: Consejo Nacional de Concesiones

Location:  Moín

Country: Costa Rica

Photo copyright: ©SOCOTEC Spain

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Project summary

Supervision of design, construction, and equipment under the public works concession with public utilities for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the Moín Container Terminal (TCM).

Project details

Supervision aims:

  • Supervision aims:
  • Technical: project scope and its technical specifications for the design and civil engineering construction as set out in the concession contract
  • Environmental and Social: compliance with the requirements defined for the communities in which the project is developed, as well as ensuring environmental obligations
  • Economic: compliance with the economic and financial conditions
  • Administrative: administrative, documentary, legal, financial and functional control of the concession company
  • Logistics support: provide properly equipped offices and meeting rooms
  • Advisee
  • Support the Project Manager
  • Carry out supervision tasks

The first phase of the Moín Container Terminal project consists of creating a 40-ha artificial island 500 m off the Caribbean coast, with 600 m of quay, two berths (with a draught of 14.5 m), a 1,500 m‑long breakwater, a 16 m‑deep channel and six super post Panamax container gantry cranes. This will allow the terminal to operate vessels in the 8,000 to 9,000 TEU range, depending on their cargo configuration. In future phases of the expansion, the depths of the berths will be increased to 16 m, enabling the terminal to operate with container vessels in the 15,000 TEU range.

The terminal will be built entirely in the sea, starting with a 12 lane entrance and a 78.6‑ha landfill area, which will be confined by a breakwater and 3.907 m dykes.


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