Services for the creation of exploratory pit plans for Galvany Market. Lot: 75/21.

We provided project execution services for the exploratory pit plan for the Galvany market in Barcelona.

General information:

Project name: Services for the creation of exploratory pit plans for Galvany Market.

Date: November 2021 – December 2021

Client: Institut Municipal de Mercats de Barcelona

Location: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Photo copyright: ©SOCOTEC Spain

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Project summary

Plan of the Galvany market exploratory pits in preparation for remodelling studies. The work involved creating exploratory pits for the cement foundation to determine the support layout of the building's structures.


Project details

  • Study using cameras and the georeferencing of the underground sewerage network in the courtyard area to obtain an outline of layout and depth, as well as the location of connections to the public network.
  • A standard geotechnical study to determine the soil characteristics using three soundings for the collection of samples.
  • Exploratory pits of the cement work to determine the type of the existing foundations.
  • Cleaning and stripping of interior vertical surfaces.
  • Weldability test of the metallic profile on an extracted piece of a profile.
  • Metal profile stratigraphy on an extracted sample.

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