We assist in civil engineering infrastructure projects, like at Palma de Mallorca Airport.

General information

Date: 2010 - 2011 

Client: AENA 

Location: Mallorca - Spain

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Juan Carlos Lodos

Area Manager Civil Works

Area Manager Civil Works


Project summary

Assisting the project manager (AENA) and worksite manager (Ineco) with project execution control, the control of the budget and any deviations, quality control, deadline control and the writing of monthly monitoring reports.

Palma de Mallorca Airport

Project details

Work was carried out to create a more direct point of access between the roundabout at the airport’s main entrance and its new cargo terminal and the new VIP lounge.

The work carried out in this benchmark project included building a new road at Palma de Mallorca Airport, with the following project stages : 

  • Provisional fencing at the worksite, various signage and the installation of module buildings and materials storage,
  • Earthwork and cube-shaped excavation,
  • Land clearing with the excavated earth reused for vegetable planting and the rest sent to an authorised landfill,
  • Filling of the excavated cube area with the chosen material, filling of subbase with aggregate,
  • Construction of access points and urbanisation, installation of new asphalt paving,
  • Installation of cement tiles and kerbs,
  • Construction of new structures: a canopy entrance and a separating wall near the new roundabout,
  • Installation of fire prevention, plumbing, irrigation, electricity, voice and data, public lighting network and sewage systems,
  • Asphalt agglomerate,
  • Painting of markings on the new road and placement of barriers,
  • Creation of gardens in the area near the entrance and the wall,
  • Installation of fixed signage

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