New road: Carretera C-37 from Vic to Olot. Olot bypass. Section: Olot

We have been involved in the assessment of the new bypass from Vic to Olot.

General information

Project name: Assessment. General improvement. New road: Carretera C-37 from Vic to Olot. Olot bypass. Section: Olot

Date: 2019 – ongoing


Location: Olot, Girona

Country: Spain

Image copyright: ©SOCOTEC Spain

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Juan Carlos Lodos

Area Manager Civil Works

Area Manager Civil Works

Project details

The purpose of contract EI-NG-02083.3 was to provide professional services for a comparative analysis comprising a technical, environmental, social, functional, construction-based and financial assessment of possible routes for the new road Carretera C-37.

Project details

Study EI-NG-02083.3 has considered two distinct sections: a joint section from the southern entrance of the Pinya tunnel to the western connection with Olot, and a section from this connection to the A-26, where four different routes are being proposed.

As part of the assessment, relevant studies were conducted and corresponding reports drafted:

  • Detailed topography survey and study of road conditions ;
  • Hydrological survey ;
  • Complete traffic survey ;
  • Drainage survey ;
  • Pavement design
  • Review of existing geometric design and plans.
  • Typical sections ;
  • Signage and lighting ;
  • Creation of a monitoring and environmental management plan ;
  • Creation and monitoring of safety measures ;
  • Measurements and cost calculations ;
  • Study of services and facilities leveraged and expropriations.

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