Quality Control by Non Destructive Testing for the bridge deck expansion project.

General information

Project name: Expansion of the Rande Bridge of the AP-9.

Date: 2016 – 2019

Client: UTE RANDE (Dragados & Puentes y Calzadas)

Location: Pontevedra, Spain

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Engineering achievements:

- First widening of its kind in the world: The widening of the Rande Bridge has managed to maintain a precise geometry consistent with the initial plans, making it the first widening of its kind in the world.

- Construction without traffic interruption: An outstanding milestone of this project is that it has been carried out without interrupting highway traffic, which demonstrates the efficiency and planning of the construction process.

- Worldwide recognition: The Rande Bridge has been ranked as the second best bridge in the world in its category by the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE), highlighting its excellence and achievements at an international level.


Project details:

The Rande Bridge, opened in 1981, is an important link connecting the El Morrazo peninsula and Vigo in northern Spain. In order to address the growing traffic and risk of congestion, an extension project was approved in 2011. This widening involves the addition of two side panels along the main pillars, creating new lanes isolated from the rest of the highway in both directions.

The construction process, with an estimated investment of 190 million euros, has been notable for its meticulous geometric control and planned adjustment capacity. Socotec has played a key role in this project, carrying out an exhaustive supervision campaign both on site and in the workshop, thus contributing to the success of this exceptional extension.

    Outstanding services provided by SOCOTEC Spain:

    SOCOTEC was in charge of coordinating the entire welding process and performing quality control on the steel structure, guaranteeing its integrity and reliability.

    SOCOTEC carried out the control of the preparation phase of the plates and metal parts, ensuring their correct conformity and preparation before their use.

    SOCOTEC performed nondestructive testing both in the shop and on site, including visual testing (VT), liquid penetrant (PT), magnetic particle (MT) and ultrasonic (UT). In addition, it was in charge of controlling the application and finishing of the coatings.

    SOCOTEC carried out the control during the construction phase, verifying the assembly and performing non-destructive tests on the welded joints (VT, PT, MT, UT), as well as supervising the correct application and finishing of the coatings.

    SOCOTEC was in charge of controlling temperatures in thermoplastic supports and welds, ensuring optimal conditions for their correct installation and operation.

    SOCOTEC carried out a rigorous documentary control of the entire prefabrication process, ensuring compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

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