Expo 2023 Madrid

SOCOTEC is committed to sustainability and industrialization in Rebuild 2023

Tue 04/04/2023 - 03:02

SOCOTEC stood out in Rebuild for its proposal in projects in execution that put into practice the objectives of sustainability, digitalization and industrialization.

In this edition, the company had a space to present its new brand name, SOCOTEC Spain, which reinforces integral engineering services throughout the life cycle.

During the event, SOCOTEC demonstrated its commitment to integrate sustainability, digitalization and industrialization effectively in the projects it is developing. In addition to participating in the different conferences of the congress agenda, the company also had a stand where it shared with visitors its new image and the company's commitment to projects of sustainability and industrialization such as Castellana 69.


Sustainability and industrialization: how to build the necessary trust

SOCOTEC is carrying out several industrialized construction projects in collaboration with Culmia and Avintia, such as Plan Vive, which is one of the largest residential building projects in Spain. This project includes the construction of 12 buildings with 1763m2 of housing and a second phase of 5 additional buildings of 1137m2 is expected. Antonio Sánchez, Director of Building and Cities of the SOCOTEC Madrid office, stressed that this project is a milestone in the construction of homes in Spain and that it is possible thanks to the trust and reliability that SOCOTEC always offers its customers.


Heatherwick Studio and SOCOTEC lead innovation in wood construction in Spain

One of the most anticipated sessions of Rebuild 2023 was the presentation of Heatherwick Studio and Xavier Aguiló of SOCOTEC on the construction of office spaces with wood. It was highlighted that this material offers better environmental and creative quality in workspaces, as can be seen in Google's buildings in Kings Cross and Maggie Center in Leeds. Wood construction also allows greater control of the design process and the possibility of collaborating with industrialists to offer more innovative forms.7


In Rebuild 2023 it has become clear that the evolution of the construction industry and the solution of market and society challenges require a transversal approach. For SOCOTEC, this is not new, since it has been betting on and reinforcing its role in promoting sustainability and industrialization throughout the life cycle of assets for years. Now, more than ever, it is crucial to transform this bet into a concrete goal and not simply a possibility.