The Valdebebas interchange nears completion of its first phase of construction

Tue 28/03/2023 - 08:51

Of the four interchanges to facilitate an improvement of the public service of  Madrid, the  Valdebebas interchange is the one that is closest to  being completed, thanks to the participation of engineerssuch as SOCOTEC Spain.

El intercambiador es una infraestructura estratégica que permitirá conectar diferentes medios de transporte, como autobuses urbanos e interurbanos, tren de cercanías y bicicletas, y la futura prolongación de la Línea 11 del Metro de Madrid. El proyecto financiado por fondos europeos para mejorar la movilidad de la ciudad, no sólo permitirá mejorar la calidad de vida de los madrileños, sino que contribuirá a garantizar la sostenibilidad ambiental en la zona urbana.


The interchange is a strategic infrastructure that will connect different means of transport, such as urban and intercity buses, commuter trains and bicycles, and the future extension of Line 11 of the Madrid Metro. Theproject financed by European funds to improve the mobility of the city, will  not only improve the quality of life of the people of Madrid, but will also contribute to ensuring environmental sustainability in the urban area.

Carbon footprint reduction in Madrid

SOCOTEC Spain together with Geoconsult and Grupo Amper perform the technical assistance of the work, which is in the execution phase of the foundations. The works will focus on supervision for compliance with construction deadlines, and with special focus, on the exhaustive control of environmental management throughout the work process, ensuring compliance with the regulations and requirements necessary to minimize the environmental impact in the area.


Jordi Rosich, Director of Civil Works of SOCOTEC Spain: "we reaffirm our commitment to sustainability and sustainable development, working on the realization of environmentally friendly and high quality projects in such an important and strategic project for the city of Madrid".

The neighborhood of Valdebebas is becoming an important hub of services in the city.  In the area is the Isabel Zendal Emergency Hospital, the city of Real Madrid and soon the future City of Justice. The construction of the Valdebebas interchange will allow a better connection and accessibility to all these services.  Engineering companies such as SOCOTEC are committed, in the words of the head of civil works  of the structure, "  to continue working to contribute to the growth and improvement of cities and the quality of life of their citizens".

The Valdebebas interchange is not the only project in which SOCOTEC Spain  participates in the Madrid community. This engineeringcompany leads projects such as the  Parla Multimodal Interchange, Integral Reform of the Gran Vía station, as wellas  the Castellana 69 Building, a symbol of sustainability for the city or the Ardian Office Tower in Méndez Álvaro, among others.