The SOCOTEC group stands out at the World Tunnel Congress 2023 

Tue 30/05/2023 - 12:47

Athens was the setting for the 49th edition of the World Tunnel Congress (WTC), the benchmark conference in the tunnelling sector worldwide, which brought together more than 2,000 professionals.   

Socotec Group, leader in inspection services, reinforces its position as a reference in the underground infrastructure sector at international level.   

SOCOTEC presented international reference projects in which it is working, ranging from design and project review to risk assessment in construction and safety of facilities, as well as monitoring throughout the life cycle of assets.   

In the case of SOCOTEC Spain, its work on the construction management of L9 of the Barcelona Metro, the longest line in Europe, which is progressing well towards completion. Its Civil Works team has developed a BIM model that is allowing exhaustive control of the works on site and communication between all the agents.   

The SOCOTEC Spain delegation was represented and headed by Abel Domato, General Manager of Testing, Inspections, Monitoring & Geotechnics, and Josep Raventós, I&M and Geotechnical Survey Director.  


Challenges for the monitoring of underground infrastructures   

One of the central themes of the congress was the challenge posed by the tunnels of the future.   

In the conference on tunnels in urban areas and complex environments, Josep Raventós shared his vision on the importance of the monitoring plan and the implementation of instrumentation for real-time monitoring.    

Experts agree that decision making based on up-to-date data is essential, especially in complex geotechnical environments.    

Other professionals and experts in the field from the SOCOTEC group from France, Italy and the UK also attended the congress to showcase the company's excellence and expertise in the sector.   

SOCOTEC presented several innovations in its services, among which the virtual reality experience with the Oculus glasses stood out. This innovative proposal, within SOCOTEC's TRUST&TECH brand, allowed attendees to experience through virtual reality the procedures for the control of underground infrastructures. 

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