SOCOTEC Group positions itself as a European leader in ICT services for construction by joining BAC Engineering

Thu 23/03/2023 - 10:22

One year after the announcement of the union of BAC Engineering to the Socotec group, the leading engineering consulting company in the Spanish market has completed its integration with the rebranding to SOCOTEC Spain.


With this action, it is intended to enhance the capacity to act by offering a wider range of integral engineering services throughout the life cycle of the infrastructures.

This integration will allow SOCOTEC Spain to leverage the experience and global presence of the SOCOTEC group to improve its service offering in key areas such as inspection, testing and certification, consolidating the SOCOTEC Group as a European leader in ICT services within the construction market.


Comprehensive approach to sustainability

BAC Engineering, one of the leading engineering companies in the Spanish market, has experienced exponential growth in recent years.

The company has participated in major projects and infrastructures at national and international level, including the new building of the Corte Inglés or the interchange in Valdebebas in Madrid, the Mercury Tower designed by Zaha Hadid in Malta, the construction management of the L9 in Barcelona, as well as important auscultation campaigns for infrastructures and geotechnical studies for the expansion of the port of Barcelona.

BAC Engineering's vision, based on comprehensive engineering throughout the life cycle of infrastructures, focuses on circular and sustainable solutions. This makes their projects a benchmark in the change towards the sustainability of infrastructures, which has allowed them to position themselves as leaders in their sector.


Strength of Spanish engineering with international representation

The adhesion of Bac Engineering to the SOCOTEC Group has allowed it to expand its presence and portfolio of services in various sectors, including Civil Works, Environment and Energy, Industry, Oil and Gas, Naval, Building, Cities and Mobility, offering solutions adapted to the real needs of its customers around the world.

The combination of resources and experience of both companies has created a unique synergy that enhances the export of Spanish engineering talent around the world.