We did the masterplan for the urbanization of the Badalona port

General information: 

Name: Urbanization of Badalona Port 

Client: Marina de Badalona 

Location: Badacelona, Spain 

Year: 2012 


Project summary: 

The urbanization project of the seafront of Badalona plans for the construction of a longitudinal dock that will extend perpendicular to the coast for about 350m. 


Project details:  

The purpose of this project is to fully define the works related to the urbanization of Sector 4.2.1 of Marina Badalona, corresponding to the property located between the Comic Museum and the Port Hotel in Badalona. This includes the definition of geometry, pedestrian spaces, urban facilities, implementation of services to supply future new buildings, plantations, pavements, furniture, etc.  

Defining pedestrian axes, prioritizing communication between the seafront promenades on both sides of the new port, the one we call the Badalona side, which is already almost fully consolidated, and the Sant Adrià side, which will be extended to connect with the Forum area. Creating a new urban park as an extension of the port canal, which will help maintain a dialogue between the port area, President Tarradellas Square, and the Olympic Pavilion.   

Enhancing both routes as civic axes that help structure the urban space in this entire area, one running from the sea to the mountain and the other parallel to the coastline.Locating an underground parking lot on the mountain side of the train track to serve the new urban spaces and public facilities, while also facilitating accessibility to the entire area of the polygon and the seafront promenades 

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