We participated in the feasibility studies, engineering support for EIS processing, DGA project, detailed engineering, construction management and supervision, and commissioning of the hydroelectric power plants. 

General information:    

Client: Sociedad Hidroeléctrica río Conquil, S.A.  

Location: Panguipulli, Chile  

Date (Year): 2015 - 2018   

Project summary:  

The Mañío project harnesses the hydroelectric potential of the Conquil River, located near Panguipulli in the Los Ríos region. The project consists of two hydroelectric power plants in a chain. The upper Mañío is sized for a flow of 2.75 m³/s, overcoming a 212 m difference in level and developing a power of 4.8 MW. The lower Mañío is sized for 4.0 m³s, with a gross head of 70 m providing a power output of 2.4 MW.  


Project details:  

Both plants feature a conventional intake, open channel, load chamber, penstock, penstock and powerhouse design. The upper head is equipped with a vertical axis Pelton turbine, while the lower head has two horizontal Francis turbines. 

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