The Viana master plan is one of the major industrial projects planned in the Luanda Bengo region.

General information

Date: 2013 - 2014 

Client: ILI, Logística Internacional 

Location: Angola 

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Juan Carlos Lodos

Area Manager Civil Works

Area Manager Civil Works

Project summary

Development of the Master Plan for the Viana Industrial Park in the Luand Bengo Special Economic Zone.

    Project details

    As it is the largest industrial area in Angola, detailed work has been carried out on urban mobility, including internal, access and transit traffic, designing the main road network up to the access to the each site. A rail network has been introduced, with lines exclusively for freight and mixed-use lines, to meet the future demand for freight and passenger transport. In addition to this mobility network, a logistics system has been created for this entire industrial area, with the creation of an inter-modal dry port and strategically located logistics parks.

    Zones for training and education, commercial and leisure areas, zones for tertiary activities, residential areas and health areas have already been included with a view to making this industrial area attractive and avant-garde

    The framework objectives of the Luanda-Bengo SEZ Master Plan are :

    • To improve environmental quality, living conditions, stimulation and motivation of work in a sector destined, as a priority, to the development of economic activities,
    • To promote better architecture and the ability of the sector to facilitate better working conditions and well-being, reducing the physical and psychological stress of users,
    • To adapt to the new demands for flexibility of the socio-productive system "of" and "in" production (constant adjustments in products, processes and manufacturing volume) to reconcile it with the demands of working conditions,
    • To meet the various business demands for spaces consistent with agglomeration economies, specialisation, diversification or pooling, and efficient economic balance in investing to create sectors,
    • In short, to draw up a Master Plan for a sector of productive activity and a new focus on new social, technical, functional, economic, environmental and landscape perspectives, and at the same time increase the value of the urban planning of the SEZ sector as part of the region’s sustainable management.

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