Metro Barcelona Maragall

Construction project for the Maragall station interchange – Barcelona Metro

  • Data: 2004 - Actualitat
  • Client:
  • Ubicació: Barcelona, España
  • Propietat fotografia: SOCOTEC Spain

Description of the Metro Station Construction Project

The renovation of the Maragall station of the Barcelona Metro has been a strategic project, divided into two main phases to improve the accessibility and safety of this key interconnection between lines L4 and L5.

The first phase, which consisted of the construction of the Ronda Guinardó concourse (L4) and the widening of the L4 platform, was completed in April 2022. The second phase, which includes the Ramon Albó lobby, the correspondence corridor between L4 and L5, and the extension of the L5 platform, was recently inaugurated in 2023.

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Jordi Rosich

Civil Engineering & Innovation General Manager of Socotec Spain

Civil Engineering & Innovation General Manager of Socotec Spain

Engineering Services provided by SOCOTEC:

SOCOTEC, as  the reference engineering of has played a fundamental role in this project, providing a wide range of specialized services:

  • Site Management: Meticulous coordination and supervision of all phases of construction, ensuring that each stage was completed according to the highest standards of quality and safety.
  • Drafting of Modified Projects: Adaptation and continuous updating of the project to incorporate emerging regulatory and infrastructure changes, ensuring that the project remains in compliance with new regulations.
  • Existing Structure Research Campaign: Conducting thorough studies of the pre-existing structure to ensure that all modifications and new construction are integrated safely and effectively. This service was provided through a contract with the construction company.
  • Auscultation during the Execution of the Work: Implementation of a comprehensive monitoring system to supervise and analyze the behavior of the infrastructure during construction. This service was also provided under contract with the construction company.

Innovation and Technology:

SOCOTEC has adopted advanced engineering methodologies and BIM technology to manage and optimize the project. Digitalization and the use of BIM ensure rigorous control of information, compliance with deadlines and optimization of public costs.

Main works for the Maragall metro station

Throughout the phases of the project, various modifications have been carried out to adapt to the real conditions and guarantee the safety and functionality of the station:

Due to structural and operational constraints, the location of the elevator was redesigned to efficiently connect with the corridor between L4 and L5, without interrupting the service of the line.

Structural investigations revealed significant discrepancies with the initial hypotheses, requiring a complete redesign to ensure structural integrity.

To improve accessibility and functionality, the openings in the existing screens were widened, which also required improvements to the support structure.

The micropylon screen was redesigned to provide the necessary rigidity, adjusting to the real conditions of the terrain and structure.

Solutions were implemented to mitigate the temporary effects on private parking accesses during the works, including the provision of alternative rental spaces and adjustments to existing accesses.

Metro Barcelona Maragall

Commitment to Sustainability:

In all phases of the project, SOCOTEC has prioritised acoustic protection, vibration control, responsible waste management and the preservation of the water and plant environment. This sustainability approach  is present in all SOCOTEC projects and ensures a positive and lasting impact on the community of Barcelona.

The Maragall station renovation project demonstrates SOCOTEC's ability to lead and execute complex infrastructure projects, integrating technological innovation and an unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability. With each phase completed, SOCOTEC strengthens its position as a leader in the construction management of key infrastructures in Spain.

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