Evaluation and feasibility structuring for the PPP CDEC Cultural and Sports Complex El Campín.

General information:

Project Name: Cultural and Sports Complex el Campin

Client: APP CDEC

Location: Bogotá


Project details:

The Unidad Deportiva el Campín lacks recreational, cultural and sports infrastructure that integrates high-performance and recreational sports. In addition, the existing infrastructure lacks artistic spaces, gastronomic services, entertainment, entrepreneurship, and commercial areas. A reformulation of the public space is required, including the undergrounding of parking areas, to improve connectivity and safety.

The project seeks to turn the area into an outstanding tourist hub, with diverse artistic, cultural, sports, recreational, and commercial activities. It focuses on creating an inclusive environment that fosters social interaction and enjoyment for residents and visitors. A strategic intervention is offered in an area of approximately 174,000 m2, highlighting its privileged location, accessibility and integration with the urban environment.

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  • Socotec is carrying out the review of the structuring of the feasibility stage of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project of private initiative without disbursement of public resources, known as PPP CDEC Cultural and Sports Complex El Campín.
  • Socotec's task is to analyze the proposed intervention plan in detail, assessing its technical, economic and social feasibility.
  • The objective of this review is to ensure that the project meets the required standards, maximizing the benefits for the community and ensuring its long-term sustainability.
  • The aim is to obtain a comprehensive and informed vision of the project through the feasibility review, which will allow informed decisions to be made and an infrastructure to be designed in accordance with the needs and expectations of the users.

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