Project management for the Avinguda Diagonal urban development project in Barcelona

The urbanisation project on the section of Avinguda Diagonal between Paseo de Gracia and Francesc Macià has better adapted the space for pedestrians, giving them more priority over vehicles.

General information

Date: 2013 - 2014 

Client: BIMSA 

Location: Barcelona - España 

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Oscar Bustos

Director Obras de Barcelona - Infraestructuras del Transporte

Director Obras de Barcelona - Infraestructuras del Transporte

Project summary

This project was carried out in accordance with the municipal strategy to improve the efficiency of public transport and the quality of the urban area. The aim was to ensure that pedestrians, bicycles and public transport vehicles, together with other sustainable forms of mobility, progressively become the main users of the central section of Avinguda Diagonal

    La Avenida Diagonal de Barcelona

    Project details

    General aims of the Avinguda Diagonal refurbishment work included

    Wider pavements. The pavements were widened to 7-7.50 m in front of the façades, creating a new promenade and commercial pathway for the city,

    A new strategic route for bicycles; bicycle lanes were created in both directions, separated from vehicle and pedestrian traffic, without interfering with the loading and unloading of goods. This has improved safety and comfort for pedestrians and cyclists,

    New safe spaces for motorbike parking. Motorbike parking spaces were created in a 2.20 m‑wide strip that is accessible from the road and located between trees in the first row of trees so that they do not interfere with pedestrians at any time,

    Strategic bus traffic lanes. Public transport reaches maximum speed along the central trunk of Avinguda Diagonal,

    New goods unloading bays. Numerous loading and unloading bays have been created in a 2.20 m‑wide strip between trees in the first row of trees.

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