Servicios de diseño en Colombia

Consulting, Testing, Geotechnical and Engineering Services in Colombia

At SOCOTEC Colombia, we have designed a set of services that comprehensively cover the life cycle of a project, incorporating disciplines such as geotechnical engineering, design, construction management, structural engineering and consultancy.

Our rigorous technical approach allows us to mitigate risks, optimise resources and ensure compliance with quality and safety standards at every stage of the project.

Consulting and engineering services

We have a specialized department with expertise in structural, hydraulic, geotechnical, environmental, road and pavement, architectural, BIM, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control engineering that allows us to provide global support in: 

  • Studies and designs.
  • Intervention of studies and designs.
  • Work supervision.

At SOCOTEC we provide the service of independent technical supervision and design review in the short and medium term for the construction of buildings, guaranteeing our clients that the designs of their project will be executed in accordance with the specifications and requirements established in Law 1796 of 2016 (Safe Housing Law) and the NSR-10 Standard, as well as the issuance of the technical certificate of occupancy.

SOCOTEC Colombia is within the list of independent Technical Supervisors approved in different insurance companies nationwide, a necessary requirement for builders to obtain the Decennial Insurance policy. 


Our services include: 

  • Independent technical supervision. 
  • Independent technical supervision for obtaining the Ten-Year Insurance Policy (Safe Housing Law).
  • Technical review of designs

At SOCOTEC we accompany our clients in the planning of their projects, providing the best solutions in the building and civil infrastructure sectors. Our experience allows us to offer an excellent service, analyzing the possible alternatives for the optimization of construction time and financial resources, construction techniques and compliance with current regulations.


We have a large team of professionals specialized in different areas, which allows us to provide global support in the process of projection, planning and analysis from the conception of the idea and offering innovative solutions focused on sustainability and circularity: 

  • Integral project structuring.
  • Technical Due Diligence.

Servicios de consultoría e ingeniería

Testing and Geotechnical Laboratory

SOCOTEC has more than 40 years of experience in the geotechnical field. The good execution of a geotechnical study is essential in the development of any project.

Quality control testing of materials for the construction of infrastructure, civil works and buildings:

  • Soils. 
  • Aggregates.
  • Hydraulic concrete. 
  • Soil stabilization.
  • Asphalt materials and mixtures and pavements.
  • Chemical tests. 

Special tests for geotechnical engineering

  • Static triaxial CU. UU and CD.
  • Direct shear in soil and rocks.
  • One-dimensional consolidation.
  • Petrographic analysis.
  • Menard pressure meter.

Installation of site laboratories for quality control of civil works.

From SOCOTEC we accompany our clients in any type of project carrying out geotechnical explorations in any type of surface and material. 

Geotechnical exploration

  • We have drilling equipment to explore the subsoil and take representative samples to be analyzed in the laboratory by rotation, percussion and washing systems.
  • Execution of mechanical drilling with caterpillar rotary equipment and continuous sample extraction.

Geotechnical instrumentation 

  • Installation of piezometers. 
  • Installation of inclinometers.


Laboratorio y Exploraciones geotécnicas

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