Three hydroelectric power plants on the laja riverbed: San José Hydroelectric Power Plant, San Luis Hydroelectric Power Plant and Moraga Hydroelectric Power Plant.

We participated in obtaining water rights, feasibility studies, processing of permits, detailed engineering, bidding process, contracting of works and facilities of the hydroelectric power plants.

General information:  

Client: José Luis Moraga SpA  

Location: Biobío, Chile  

Date (Year): 2018 - Present  

 Project Overview:  

The "Minicentrales de Pasada José Luis Moraga" project includes three hydroelectric power plants that will use the waters of the Laja River in the commune of Los Ángeles, Biobío Region.   

The plants are called "Central Hidroeléctrica San José", "Central Hidroeléctrica San Luis" and "Central Hidroeléctrica Moraga". Despite the fact that the power plants are run-of-river, the flooding of some areas is proposed to adapt the level of the estuary.   


Project details:   

The power plants are located in the Asociación de Canalistas del Laja, which is an organization in charge of administering the water rights of the associates. The water rights are taken from the Laja River at a single point through an intake point and have a capacity of forty-two cubic meters per second. 

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