General information:

Date (year): 2022-Active

Client: Sacyr

Location: Begoña station surroundings.


Project summary:

Works to adapt and improve Begoña station on line 10 to PRM regulations, consisting of the construction of street-lobby lifts, lobby and various improvements to the interior of the lobbies. The most important work consists of the construction of several connecting galleries in the form of tunnels parallel to the existing railway tunnels.


Project details: 

Monitoring services have been provided to the work consisting of a tensile-deformational control of the different work units, as well as the built environment (urban environment above ground and Metro infrastructure). Among others, the following have been installed:

  • Total stations for deformation control of the tunnel and surface.
  • Manual convergence control with extensometer tape.
  • Surface deformation control with milestones, nails and prisms.
  • Deformation control of boreholes with inclinometers
  • Piezometric level control with quick response piezometers.

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